WELCOME! We are So Excited to have you here with us at the #SoulTribe!.

Firstly, let me introduce myself!  My name is Kat, the sole Female Founder of Bohemian Belle Ltd

I have worked in the Direct Sales / Network Marketing industry for many years and using the vast amount of knowledge I have learned over this time, I decided to launch my own business into the Mission that created Bohemian Belle Ltd

Mum to 3 boys and partner to Rich, living in Southampton, supporting adults with Autism and Severe Learning Difficulties; until recently when I decided to quit my job and run BB full time from home!

Follow these Steps to get off to the Best Start….

  1. To log in to your Back Office- https://www.bohemian-belle.com/affiliate-area/ and use your Username and Password that you chose when you signed up.
  2. On the home page you will find your AFFILIATE LINK… This is very important as you will be sharing this link with all your customers and potential team members. Copy and Paste this somewhere that you can grab it easily.
    NOTE: You DO earn commission on your own orders/sales through your own account, but you must copy and paste your link into your browser when you shop, otherwise this will not link.
    You will know that your link is registered if it says Your Site Representative is {Your Name} at the top of the page
  3. If you did not enter your payout details on registration, go to to the tab at the top of your back office ‘Payout Details’ and enter them there. You only need to do this once unless you change your details. If you do not enter your details, I will assume you are accumulating your commission
  4. IMPORTANT… Click the ‘Settings’ tab and click on the Enable New Referral Notifications option. This enables us to send you emails regarding your commission payments etc. If this is not clicked, you will not receive notifications of referrals.
  5. Click on all the tabs and have a look through each area to familiarise yourself with the back office.
  6. NOW THE FUN BIT.… Head over to the home page and start browsing our huge collection of products! You will see a menu bar at the top where you can easily navigate through each section and find products.

Where can you get Help and Support?

  1. Remember your UPLINE (the person that signed you up) and LEADERS are always there to help and support you. If you have any questions, queries or require support, please reach out to them.
    You should be in our Main Affiliate chats on Messenger where you have access to our team of affiliates and all of our Leaders.
  2. Contact Information:
    I (Kat) do not accept messages via Facebook regarding queries. Please see the email addresses below for the support you require:
    Order Queries: orders@bohemian-belle.com
    Account/Affiliate Queries: affiliates@bohemian-belle.com
    Return Queries: returns@bohemian-belle.com
    General Queries: admin@bohemian-belle.com
    We also have our Live Chat, but please note this is for Customers only and not for affiliates to use for order queries etc.

Here at BB Ltd, we are very passionate that ALL of our affiliates get the help and support they deserve.  If you feel you are not getting the support and would like to discuss this further, please email us HERE

One last thing, we need to cover the Rules!

You would have agreed to our Terms and Conditions when you signed up with us here at Bohemian Belle. But we ask that you read and get familiar with several of our information pages:
Affiliate Terms & Conditions: https://www.bohemian-belle.com/affiliate-terms-of-use/
About Us: https://www.bohemian-belle.com/about-us/
Shipping Information: https://www.bohemian-belle.com/shipping-information/
Return & Refund Policy: https://www.bohemian-belle.com/return-and-refund-policy/
Sizing Guide:https://www.bohemian-belle.com/affiliate-area/…

Our terms also state that cross promoting of other companies, products or opportunities are not allowed in any chat, group or networking events that are affiliated with Bohemian Belle Ltd
We also, as a company, do not support or warranty any use of raffles, play to win or pay to play games of any kind