About me..

My name is Sara & I am a Affiliate at Bohemian Belle. I’m a full time housewife as well as running my businesses, from home, around my 3 boys, Yasin, Farman, Fawad. My husband also works for himself as engineer, he is very supportive of my journey, which can be quite rare.

Me and Bohemian Belle..

I joined Bohemian Belle so that I can use my commission to go towards the rising costs of living as well being able to spoil my children on outings that they deserve. They even love receiving their new outfits that I’m able to buy for them from the website. 

I love being part of Bohemian Belle because I like how we can help others who may be in bad situations like I was, with our community of men & women helping and supporting one another, it feels really good to be part of something amazing. One example of this is how we support different charities via our products on the website, it’s a great feeling knowing that we’re making a difference.

If you’d like to know more about the opportunity with Bohemian Belle, please contact me via my links below & I’ll be happy to share the information about working alongside us.

I really hope you enjoy shopping here with me, Sara’s Boho treasures. If at any time you have any questions or queries please reach out to me by clicking my links below.


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