Rose of Jericho (resurrection plant)


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The Rose of Jericho is also known as the plant that never dies. When she sleeps, she looks like a shrunken, dried brown branch of straw. It’s a way to survive. This desert rose is therefore resistant to extreme heat and cold and can be used without moisture and soil. Behold the miracle of nature: the resurrection. Decide for yourself when you let the flower bloom and live again.

Wonders of nature: false rose of jericho

When the flower is dried and closed, you can pour it with cold, hot or even just boiled water, and its twigs will open. After a few hours the rose is fully opened and alive green. You give the rose fresh water for a maximum of 8 days; after this he has to be dried up again. It takes about 2 days before the rose is dry again. The spectacle can then be repeated. Do you want this desert rose in your home?

The Rose of Jericho repels flies and removes unpleasant smells like tobacco.

Live RESURRECTION PLANT Rose of Jericho Dinosaur Fern Miracle - Etsy UK

** Each individual plant is different and will bloom differently


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