Prehnite Mariposa Necklace and Tumble

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These are UNIQUE to Bohemian Belle and when they’ve gone they’ve gone
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Handmade on the Amazon Basin in Iquitos Peru and are BLESSED by a Peruvian Shaman.
Each Crystal and Design is completely unique
Necklace is Adjustable
The unique wood pieces at the top of each necklace is a vine segment of the ayahuasca vine. it’s what they use the bark off to make the brew in the jungle called ayahuasca and it’s real name is Banisteriopsis caapi
The Banisteriopsis caapi has also been blessed by a shaman 28km into the ria forest in a traditional ceremony using mapacho ceremonial smoke

“peaceful healer”
• cleansing • forgiveness • love • plants • sleep •

Bask in the joy of unconditional love. Connect with angels and spirit guides. Be in harmony with your surroundings. Trust yourself and have faith in others. Let Prehnite inspire you to be more kind to yourself.

Donation to Refuge with Each Mariposa Product Sold

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