Orange Calcite Mariposa Necklace

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Our Stunning Mariposa Collection are Unique to Bohemian Belle…

Handmade on the Amazon Basin in Iquitos Peru and are BLESSED by a Peruvian Shaman.
Each Crystal and Design is completely unique per Picture… you will receive the one shown on this listing 🙂
Donation to REFUGE for every Mariposa Necklace Sold


♥ Vitality ♥ Cleanser ♥ Healing ♥ Leadership

Orange Calcite is very beneficial to the Chakras or spiritual energy in the lower body. These Chakras are related to people, the environment, and imagination and are associated with emotions of affiliation in the universe.  It is a beautiful gemstone to choose if you want to harmonize your moods and let go of guilt and regret.

When you’re unlocking your intellectual or erotic energy, these orange crystals are ideal. Orange Calcite is among the few gemstones that can assist your body in circulating these energies. When necessary, this crystal aids in the removal of certain obstructions.

Orange Calcite is both a potent vitality booster and an excellent cleaner. All of your presents will be enhanced by the orange crystal. It will also remove any pollutants from your system and make you feel lighter.

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