Mystery Mariposa

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Our Stunning Mariposa Collection are Unique to Bohemian Belle…

Handmade on the Amazon Basin in Iquitos Peru and are BLESSED by a Peruvian Shaman.

Let your Necklace choose you!
We have had a couple of occasions when I have somehow sent the wrong necklace… and even the system had a malfunction to show the wrong item to me.  This is the Mariposa CHOOSING the person that purchased.
I was even wrapping one day and it just didn’t ‘feel right’ I messaged the customer and said about the one that was standing out, told her the Meaning and it was spot on to what she needed at that time.

For these reasons, I wanted to do a ‘Mystery Mariposa’ to allow the Universe to choose for you.
I will hold my Fluorite and Clear Quartz as I choose for you (Fluorite for deep focus and concentration, clear quartz for clarity and intentions)

I cannot wait to see what I pull for you!


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