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This cloth with all moon phases perfectly matches wiccans or any other person that is spiritually active. For witches, the moon has several meanings: namely, the embodiment of the feminine and the different phases. Many spiritual people attune important actions to the phases of the moon. On the rug you also see the Flower of Life, which represents the connection between all life in the universe.


Moon phases; meaning and rituals

All phases of the moon are depicted on this wicca rug. The four main phases are crescent moon, full moon, waning moon and new moon. Each phase has its own meaning. Many spiritual people align their activities with the cycles of the moon. They do it this way:

  • Full moon: everything is at a peak, you feel powerful and energetic
  • Waning moon: finish activities, let go, rest.
  • New moon: the moment to think about new things, make plans.
  • Waxing Moon: grow, develop, build strength and realize plans.

The idea behind this is that living according to the cycles of the moon gives rest, and is naturally easy.


What is the Flower of Life?

You can see the Flower of Life for thousands of years as decoration on all kinds of buildings. The flower consists of circles that overlap each other and has 90 different petals. You’ve probably seen this symbol before!

The Flower of Life is a symbol of sacred geometry. It provides information about how all life in the universe is constructed. The overlapping circles represent all layers that make up life.

Various meanings are attributed to the Flower of Life. The most important of these are connectedness (all life is connected) and creation.


Altar cloth wicca; tips

An altar is a platform on which you perform all kinds of rituals. In addition, the altar is a reflection of your personality and how you feel. Since it is also the place where you as a witch honour the God, the Goddess and your ancestors, it is important to keep the place clean and tidy.


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