Lush Lavender – Natural Bath Bomb

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Lavender is a very popular ingredient through our customers, as it helps you rest and sometimes aids sleep. Our Gentle Rest Bath Tea includes a range of natural ingredients and is a perfect companion for Lush Lavender, as together they will create a restful experience in the bath.

Each bath bomb allows your skin to soften, and regenerate using our selection of salts, clays and sodas.

This scent will:

  • Natural throughout, and won’t use harmful chemicals or synthetic ingredients
  • One of these will surely make your bath water fizz into a bubbly dream!
  • All products are made from natural and skin safe ingredients and can be used with children*.

Lush Lavender - Natural Bath Bomb - Large

Ingredients List:
We recommend reviewing the ingredients before using this product. This product includes bicarbonate of soda, citric acid, kernel oil, polysorbate 80, Lavender EO, clay & dried rose petals.

As our product uses natural oils, your skin will be hydrated during bathing although we always ask our customers to thoroughly wash their bath after bathing to make sure the bath floor is not slippery on next use and the residue is removed.

*Always check product labels. Our products are not designed for children aged under 10 and over.


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