I Love You Mum Giftset

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A Bohemian Belle Giftset especially for Mothers Day.

Ultimate relaxation and Self Love Gift Box for our Wonderful Mummies

  • 2 Loveheart Bathbombs
  • Belle Bath Soak
  • Rose Incense
  • Rose Quartz Tumble
Run a Warm bath, choose your bomb or soak, light the Rose Incense and keep your Rose Quartz visable nearby and release your intentions
"I open my heart to Love, Forgiveness & Joy.  I welcome all that is good in the world."

Rose Quartz – Promotes Love

Known as the stone of unconditional love, rose quartz is a fitting treasure for Mamas. Not only does this pretty pink rock promote love of all kinds—including self-love—it also supports emotional healing.

Whether you have experienced a loss of pregnancy in the past, or are feeling disconnected with your former self now that you are a mother, rose quartz is a beautiful reminder that love is all around, AND most importantly, within you.

Keep this stone visible as a reminder to take care of yourself, even in little ways, everyday. Whether you take a minute (guilt-free!) to put your feet up, or simply allow yourself a few cleansing breaths throughout your day, know that to love others you must first love yourself.


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