Earth Angel Grounding Set


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Dalmation Jasper Magnetic Bracelet – It’s no surprise the Dalmatian stone, with its resemblance to Dalmatian dogs, is said to create a sense of playfulness in those who see and wear it. It reminds us to enjoy the simple things in life and helps us feel lighthearted.
Smokey Quartz Earrings – smoky quartz is an incredible stone for grounding. In addition to the many healing properties of the quartz family, smoky quartz is known to dispel negative energy, detoxify the body and energy field from lower vibrations.
Leopardskin Jasper Marisposa Necklace- Handmade on the Amazon Basin in Iquitos Peru and are BLESSED by a Peruvian Shaman.
Each Crystal and Design is completely unique
The leopard skin stone builds feelings of appreciation and allows a person to better appreciate experiences that occur in their life. Because of its ability to work with light and dark, it can help take bad or negative experiences, and turn them into times in your life that were in fact beneficial to you as a person .



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