Designer Inspired Soap Sponges



  • Alien
  • Daisy Flower
  • Ice Fairy
  • Jimmy Choo
  • Rush
  • Sauvage
  • BonBon
A valuable asset to your bath or shower time,
our SOAP SPONGE is an amazing two in one product.
Bursting with colour and quality ingredients,
this amazing soapy sponge is great for removing
unwanted fake tan and is quick and easy to
throw into any gym or kit bag.
This product is gentle on your skin and vegan-friendly.
The sponge is made using SLS free real soaps.
Simply wet the sponge with warm water,
when you have used the sponge allow it to dry
so it becomes set and re-use.
Our sponges are perfect for travelling as they are
lightweight and not liquid so they can go in your hand luggage.Approx 140 grams
Ingredient List on the Product or by request

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Alien, Daisy Flower, Ice Fairy, Jimmy Choo, Rush, Sauvage, BonBon


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