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Cold & Sinus Shower Steamer – 3pk

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Fight those nasty germs and bugs the 100% natural way! The oils in this blend are reputed to have strong anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral properties to re-invigorate the immune system as well as deep cleansing abilities. This blend will not cure you but it will help you to feel better quickly!

** please do not look at this product as a medical product or a cure/treatment of any sort. This is an aromatherapy product NOT medicine!**

This wonderful aromatherapy shower and bath steamer can be used as either a shower steamer or use in a tub like a bath bomb…it’s your choice!

Each steamer is individually wrapped (colour of foil may vary from photo) 100gm each

Sometimes taking a long soak with essential oils and bath salts is not an option. Many people have only wet rooms or showers now and many more still have medical conditions or difficulties getting in and out of a traditional bath. These are for everyone, just set it on the floor of your shower/bath out of the water stream and allow the steam to activate it.
You certainly can use these like a traditional bath bomb if you choose to.

When taking a bath isn’t an option — these 100% natural shower bursts transform your ordinary shower into a shower aromatherapy experience better than the spa!
We use only 100% essential oils, absolutes and herbal tinctures. Not only are these fantastic for you due to the aromatherapy benefits but they will keep your bath drains smelling fresh too.


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