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Everyone has worries. Current times create problems and hardship like we haven’t heard or lived through before. When trying to focus on our priorities, this can often be blurred with world issues. We wanted to design a blend specifically for clearing those unwanted stresses, and allowing us to focus, and have a clear mind.

This bath tea is similar to others, although pulls on the properties of rosemary. Blending Rosemary Essential Oil, with the dried partner. Adding Lemon Essential oil, with its lemon peel friend. Finally adding fine oatmeal, to create a soft, silky-smooth bath milk to allow your worries to pause, and your thoughts to clear. Simple, but smooth.

All our bath teas can either be added directly to a warm bath, or placed into a compostable bath-tea bag which is provided with every order. We completely appreciate some people, aren’t a fan of botanicals touching their skin, so we provide these free of charge. For full aroma, we recommend direct application to water.

Feeling eco-friendly? Our Bath Tea can also be placed in our reusable cotton bath tea bags, which can be used, rinsed, dried, and repeat, on many different blends. You get these FREE with any Purchase of Bath Tea (RRP £1.49)

Clear Mind - Bath Tea

Always check the Label:
Our products are completely natural, although we appreciate many of our customer have specific allergies or tastes. Please remember to review the ingredients below, to confirm your bath will be full of luxury. If you are in doubt, contact us and we will provide full advice upon purchase or before.

Ingredients include: Signature Salt Mix, Lemon & Rosemary EO, Lemon Peel & Oatmeal. Natural clays.

How to use:
Our recommendation when using the bath tea is to use 3-5 tablespoons of our blend directly to the bath for maximum aroma, although as explained above, our bath tea bags are also suitable.  Add our blend to a warm bath, light a soy candle, dim the lights and put on some relaxing background music. Close your eyes, and think of a happy place


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