All Natural Luxury Facemasks

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  • Gentle Dreams – Pink French clay paired with lavender essential oil and exfoliating poppy seeds. Perfect just before bed ????
  • Rosy Cheeks – Red French Clay paired with rose geranium essential oil and fine hibiscus to gently exfoliate the skin, the natural way
  • Peaceful Pumice – Pink French clay paired with Grapefruit Essential Oil and fine Pumice powder, leaving a fruity finish.
  • Bergamot Bamboo – Green French Clay paired with bergamot essential oil & bamboo powder for Citrusy aroma relaxation
  • Charcoal Detox – Natural Facemask Kaolin Clay simply paired with activated charcoal for the complete Detox.

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Gentle Dreams, Rosy Cheeks, Peaceful Pumice, Bergamot Bamboo, Charcoal Detox


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