Aches and Pains Sea-Tox Vegan Luxury Bathbomb

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Stunningly beautiful and luxurious bath bombs packed with ocean minerals, Celtic seaweed, essential oils, exotic tropical butters and magnesium. This formula leaves the skin feeling silky, refreshed, and relaxed. The concept behind this bomb is to mimic the popular Euro-spa balneotherapy soaks that have been in use for centuries. This is a slow release formula that fizzes away gently with a light foaming action. This beautiful aromatherapy bomb contains essential oils of rosemary, thyme, and marjoram. The aromas from this blend of oils are reputed to assist with muscle discomfort and stiffness. “Balneotherapy” is the practice of immersing a subject in mineral water or mineral-laden mud; it is part of the traditional medicine of many cultures and originated in hot springs, cold water springs, or other sources of such water, like the Dead Sea. Balneotherapy is used for the treatment of chronic inflammatory skin and muscle conditions. *not safe for tree nut allergies* approx 170g
Made in United Kingdom


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