Monday 31st October, 08:00


Over the weekend I received a fantastic email from Grant who most of you know I use his content a lot in my trainings….

I thought this email from him was PERFECT for Motivation Monday

“Here’s what I challenge you to do for the next 72 hours…

1) Avoid the Media

Doom, gloom, fear, and freakout… Cut it out of your life.

Avoid all media for the next 3 days. That means no news sites, articles, newspapers, nada.

Think you can hang?

2) Stay Away From “Can’t Do” People

You know who I’m talking about. In fact, they may be part of your family!

Look, you can love them to death, but for the next 3 days… Stay away from them.

3) Stay Away From Negative Places

I’m talking about any place that can bring you down.

The bars, the clubs, your friend’s house where all they do is complain.

Any place that has the potential to infect your mind with negativity? Give them the axe for the next 3 days.

4) Go On a Negativity Diet

Now, this one will be the real challenge.

This means zero negative thoughts for 3 days straight. And if you slip?

You start the diet over.

Listen to me… Your thoughts dictate your actions, and your actions create your life.

So, if you want to create an amazing existence… It all starts with your mind and who you surround yourself with.

Are you up for it? Let’s Go!”

Following on from THIS… I wanted to follow this up with 3 more ways to stay Motivated in Challenging Times…

How do you stay motivated to keep going and accomplish big things?

Motivation is the first thing you need to achieve your goals.

Here are 3 things I want you to do:

  1. Do the things that challenge you the most

Most people spend their time doing things that don’t challenge them.

Do the things that challenge you the most. If you do the things that challenge you, you may experience a little bit of anxiety or a little bit of fear. But I promise you, underneath all of that will be motivation.

For example, when I’m my Daily Tasks, I don’t make the easiest ones first. I make the most difficult ones first. I want to get the ones that challenge me the most done first.

If I make the most difficult task first, and I win, I am fired up! If I make the most difficult task and lose, at least it’s out of the way. It’s a win-win for me.

Most people take the easiest way first. They are not challenging themselves and that’s why they’re not motivated. This is the big problem with motivation.

Push yourself. Count on yourself to do the things that challenge you the most.

Practical application: Make a list of five things that would most challenge you and do at least one today. How do you feel afterward?

2. Stay focused on the daily target

Why would I want to focus on my daily target?

Because I want to see what I’m accomplishing. Because it’s fuel. Because it makes me feel good about myself.

Just like you need to have a lifetime target, a yearly target, and a monthly target. You need to have daily targets.

What do you want to accomplish today? Who do you want to contact today?

What would be a successful day for you?

Did I wake up on time? Did I get my workout in? Did I spend time with my family?

I want to stay focused on my daily target.

What would make today a great day? What would I have to see to know I had a good target and feel good about achieving it?

Practical application: Write down your daily target for today. What happened during the day when you had a target to focus on?

3. Ask those more successful than you for guidance

I’m not talking about a life coach here. You’ve got to be careful. There are a lot of life coaches out there that haven’t created any success.

I’m talking about a mentor here. I’m talking about you going and getting a mentor.

I want you to reach out to a mentor who has achieved a serious amount of success. Someone who has a series of successful entrepreneurial efforts. And somebody who’s got it going on in every area of life.

We’re reaching for greatness here, not just goodness.

You want to pick a person you can go to and say, “I need help. I need guidance. I need direction. I don’t want anything from you except a little bit of guidance once a month or twice a month.“

Now when you ask for this, realise their time is precious. They do want to help people. This does inspire them. They are likely to say yes. But please, don’t do more talking than listening.

Ask them for guidance. Take it. Use it. Execute it.

I want you to ask someone more successful than you for guidance. Nicolle Tyas would be my personal recommendation as she works closely with myself and a lot of leaders and affiliates! Or this post idea is again from Grant Cardone 🙂

Practical application: Identify two people who are more successful than you that you can go to for guidance and advice. Arrange to meet or speak to them for guidance.

So there you have it. Three more ways to get and stay motivated so you can take action and do big things. Do the things that challenge you the most, stay focused on the daily target, and ask those more successful than you for guidance.