Hey! I’m Lynda!

Hey , I’m Lynda and I’m a Mother and Grandmother

I’m a very spiritual person and like to offer guidance and advice on crystals, spiritual guidance and the Moon – I’ve even been given the nickname of ‘The Moon Mentor’ here at Bohemian Belle

Me and bohemian Belle…

I joined Bohemian Belle the day after it launched, I already knew the CEO so I knew it wasn’t going to be another bog standard MLM and I was right 😁. Not only is the fashion right up my street , there is the company ethos which has the most amazing high vibe feeling like a huge fun loving family who supports each other in every way

. Then there’s the amazing charities we support plus all the special awareness campaigns that happen throughout the year. There is always something on the go, you check them out.
We are also a part of tree nation so every time someone shops with us they get a free tree to plant to help the planet.

We have also announced FREE UK POSTAGE FOREVER 😁 just because life’s hard enough and we think you deserve to treat yourself without the added expense of postage.

Joining Bohemian Belle is one of my better decisions, a place that accepts me as I am – weirdness and all.

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