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Today is National Write a Review Day.

How many of us actually leave reviews for items we’ve brought online? We say to ourselves “oh I’ll do that later” yet 9 times out of 10 we probably forget to do it & then we never leave a review.

It’s easy to do, I’ve done it way too much…I sometimes get a email from Amazon asking me to leave a review & I think “yep I’ll do that” then I forget ? but I’m also one of those who relies on those kind of reviews when I go to buy something…so I then get a guilty feeling sink in.

For big companies, they get 1000s of reviews & that makes people just buy because of the numbers but what about small businesses?

Small businesses rely heavily on those reviews. Especially online businesses, because word of mouth is what gets them seen.

You recommend a company & people will check it out because we are nosey by nature. We have to go see what got you so excited.

So if those businesses don’t have their customers leaving reviews then people can hesitate when wanting to purchase.

Bohemian Belle thrive on seeing reviews. We love to hear about your favourite product. We love receiving the feedback & seeing you return over & over.

Our affiliates even share those reviews with their customers & feel joy when they get sales because another person recommended it.

It’s not just online reviews that have an impact. Reviews can also come in the form of sharing a business.

I’m sure many of you have a Bohemian Belle rep that you go to, follow, support, purchase from. But have you ever shared about them? Have you shared their business? Have you shared what you’ve seen or purchased across social media or with your friends/colleagues etc?

If you haven’t then why not do that today. Give them a little shout out, give their business a share, tell the world what you love about them & what they do….trust me that will have such a huge impact on that rep, not only for getting their business seen by more people but because you have the belief in them as ???? Bohemian Belle rep.

Let’s get out there today & shout out those businesses we support, those businesses we buy from, those reps we just love. They would undoubtedly appreciate the time you took to give them a boost.

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