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Welcome to Bohemian Belle Ltd, a female-founded business that embarked on its journey on May 1, 2021. Our story is one of passion, determination, and the pursuit of a dream.

Meet Kat (Kathryn) Blake, the heart and soul behind Bohemian Belle. Kat is not only a dedicated entrepreneur but also a devoted Work-at-Home Mum to three wonderful boys and the loving fiancée of Rich. Her journey began as a part-time Support Worker, where she provided care and assistance to adults with Autism and learning difficulties. However, 2022 marked a turning point as Bohemian Belle experienced unprecedented growth, leading Kat to make the bold decision to run the business full-time from the comfort of her home, all while caring for her children. With nearly 15 years of experience in the Direct Sales and Network Marketing industry, Kat decided to channel her expertise and launch Bohemian Belle, a business that embodies her mission and values.

Bohemian Belle has rapidly evolved into an affiliate-led venture, with over 3000 affiliates joining us since our inception. Kat, a beacon of positivity and motivation, is always here to assist and address any queries you may have.


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